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HUGE thanks to Charlie and the guys for putting up with me to take these photos! Had a great time!

News Lab with Style

So for those of you who don’t know about the new Center for Media Innovation and Research, you should. This is where I have had my Advanced Interactive Media class this semester, and let me just say, it’s pretty awesome. I never thought throughout my college career that I would be in a classroom far beyond what most classrooms are capable of. Filled with MacBooks at every single station on the lab, along with any and every high tech media device you could think of. And the best part? There is something here for everyone.. Print, radio television, and online. I remember all the hype when it first opened, but it’s even more exciting actually being in the room, knowing that this is the future of communications. On the cutting edge. I love the classroom and I wanted to go ahead and give you guys a sneak peak inside (for those who haven’t seen it.)

First walk in, and you will see the projector screen, computer stations, and if you ever want to know what time it is anywhere in the world, there you go.

And I did catch one fellow classmate in the CIMR. The lovely Katie Keene was showing me on the HUGE world map her journey.. She is taking off from the University of Florida to the University of Houston!

It’s a lab most journalists dream of, I am so glad I had it for a time!

Gator Sports Report

Hey guys!

Here is my latest Gator Sports Report-Get an inside look at a Gator golfer and the weekend’s Top 5 Plays!

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Gator Sports Report 4-12-11

Looking for Funny?

Yes, you are.

The awesome Matt Cretul and I had a little bit of fun when we took a spin trough the Gator Sport Shop the other day, and you might want to check out what they have so you can bleed orange and blue! In this edition of Tuesday Gator Sports Report, Jen will pump you up for a great feature!

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Gator Sports Report 4-6-11

The Tipping Point

Trend. Fashion. Craze. Fad. Mania. Flavor of the Month. However you want to put it. Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point offers a refreshing insight to “the latest things.” Although it was released back in 2000 (which to me, it doesn’t sound like THAT long ago, but I suppose it is) it is still just as popular and relevant today. Now, some of these trends can last what seems like forever, while others have their almost “one hit wonder” lifespan. In The Tipping Point, Gladwell proposes the idea that several factors are in play in any given trend.
Today’s world involves so much more complication than it did even 20 years and new ideas are constantly being brought up. People are thinking more and thinking about more. But, one thing that remains the same: The influence of ideas. Galdwell writes about the identity of each roll and how this effects society: AKA.. “Will it “tip” into wide-scale popularity.
This involves a few other ideas, like “The Law of the Few.” This concept allows a few highlighted must win over a product or idea before it can reach that tipping point. The way I like to think about it is, who is trying to “sell”me the idea? That could make all the success (or not).
Another important concept was the Stickiness Factor. It’s the idea of what makes people really pay attention to a concept or product. Gladwell likes it put as almost something that could be generated unconventionally.
But one of the most interesting factors in the book to ready about? The Power of Context is enormously important in determining whether a particular phenomenon will tip into widespread popularity. Even the slightest thing can make a big difference. One example I think to think of is the minute to minute changes that are everywhere in this world, like the environment or with technology. (Because in my mind, technology does change almost every minute. Hello, iPhone 5. I know you’re almost here.)
A world that is ever-changing. That’s where we live. Just look at how much journalism has changed over the years. What was once tapes is now digital. Typewriters are long gone and we live on computers and laptops. Who ever thought you could be updating your audience every second with a site like Twiiter? Who ever imagined the idea of newspapers being all online? Where will we be another 10, 15, or 20 years from now? It’s neat to think about. And mind-blowing at the same time.

Reporting Classes. How I survived..

Yes! For anyone in UF’s College of Journalism and Communications, you know it is no walk in the park, although I can only speak for those of us who are News trackies. And now that I only have a few weeks left of school, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not just working hard, but it’s also surrounding yourself with good friends.
I never would have guessed that the amazing Alexis Willey would not only become one of my closest friends, but that we would also be from the smallest towns in the entire world-which are like right next to each other! All about Sebring al the LP. AND FYI… For all of you out there that think that there really is a “HUGE” alligator in Lake Placid, I hate to break it to you, but no. After growing up there, I am pretty sure I would have ran into to him a few times.
And this semester being my most insane and difficult times in my college career, I must say that Little Miss Katie Keene saves me. Yes, she actually saves my life. She is the one who keeps me sane. Otherwise, Investigative Reporting may have killed me.
Word to the wise: Surround yourself with good friends. Because I have, and I know for a fact that I couldn’t make it without these two.

My Adventures in the Gift Shop

So, this past Tuesday the very funny Matt Cretul and I had an adventure in the Gator Gift Shop. And yes, this also meant trying on the latest and greatest Gator gear out there! We were sure to cover all the bases-Football, basketball, baseball, night on the town, night in the PJs, and even, a freezing cold day. Needless to say, it was a wonderful adventure in the Gator Gift Shop.
But now comes the “fun part” and we must edit. (Although the video should be entertaining.) Be suer and check out GatorZone in a few days to see what’s in store. Literally. What’s in the store.

Gator Sports Report

Gator Sports Report!

Get an inside look at the two Lacrosse assistant coaches!

Gator Sports Report 3-29-11

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21 Years and Counting..

Well, I realized that I haven’t really posted too much about myself and what I like to do, other than sports. And reporting. And taking pictures. So I figured I would let you guys in on my life and what I have been up to these past few years.
Obviously, I love being a Gator, and I can’t wait to graduate. As much as I have loved school over the years, I believe my time is up as a student. (Watch me go to grad school one day, HA!) Anyways, it’s hard to think about what I would be doing in my spare time right now, because I don’t know what spare time is.. But, if I did, I would love to be traveling.
And I am not talking about those “world travelers,” I want to go and travel around this country before I take off somewhere else. I want to be able to see everything this country has to offer and enjoy what so many other tourists enjoy.
My senior year of high school, I took a trip to NYC to take a few reporting seminars at Columbia University, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my time there! Broadway shows, legit pizza, China Town, and even celebrity sightings (and I will highlight that with Tiki Barber!) And.. That was the first time I ever say snow.
And no matter how much fun the snow was, I am a Florida girl. I love the sun and the beaches and the sunscreen and the water, the list goes on. And during my recent (and LAST) Spring Break, I was able to take off to the beautiful Keys and spend my time in the sun right by the water. I decided to post a few pics to you can see exactly the kind of fun I had!

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